Blokart sailing is very much a part of the world of landsailing. Landsailing has a number of variations and categories, but the simplest of all of them to learn is Blokart sailing. They are similar to land yachts, except that a Blokart is steered with hands -like a bike -and not steered with feet as all other recognised landsailing craft are.

The sport was developed at the end of last century as a fun alternative for youngsters to get sailing in car parks and on the beach. In 1999 the sport began to take off in its own right and very soon became the most competitive of the landsailing activities in the world. This was mainly due to the ease that the Blokart in its bag could be moved around in the back of the average family car.

They are a one design class, so although not as fast as some of the bigger land yachts, they can still reach speeds of 60mph with the world record being 64.4mph. The other really good thing about these craft is that they are very easy to control and can be sailed by all age groups at whatever speed the sailor wishes to go at.

The have very good high tech sails, similar to top quality windsurfing sails. There are 4 sizes to choose from, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5.5m in size. So depending on physical size of the sailor, how experienced the sailor is, what surface they are sailing on and of course the strength of wind, the appropriate sail size can be chosen. This is where our top quality instructors can make sure that you get the best possible knowledge and equipment so that you can learn quickly and easily.