A wet summers evening at the airfield.

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After a very long welcome period of fine weather it finally broke on the 10th June, a club night for Blokart sailing up at Perranporth airfield. They forecast rain and they were right, it came down in bucket loads.

So the big wheels came out! This set of big foot wheel is the only set in the UK and are designed for use on beaches that are a little soft for the standard wheels. I have used them before in very wind conditions on the great expanse of Gwithian Beach. They are great fun, but on sand can take a little time to get up to speed. They are the 4*4 of the Blokart sailing world. Once up to speed they stay there no matter what the terain does. Hard sand, soft sand. rippled sand, sand dunes and even deep riverlets.

At the airfield, they took off more quickly as rolling resistance is low, but you still have to be gentle on the sheeting in. Once up to speeds the rough patches made no difference and even sailing on the long grass of the grass runway was not a problem.

They are a joy to use and bring a whole new dimension to Blokart sailing.

Looking forward to a good blast down the beach in a winter storm.