Easing out of lock down

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It has been a very tough and unusual few weeks for everyone. Here at Speedsail UK /Landsail UK, we have spent time planning how we can move forward as things develop.The first step has been to create this new web site, which is far from finished, but now well on its way. I am hoping that we now have all of the basic information on the site, so that you can see what our Blokart sessions are like, how much they cost, where we run them and soon when we can start running them again.

I am now working hard servicing the Blokarts, trailer and all of the other equipment so that we can start the season with everything in place. I have been working on speaking louder, so that i can teach with social distancing in mind ! As most of the sessions are at the airfield at Perranporth during the summer, we have plenty of space and with small numbers in our sessions we can all stay safe.

The equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before each session and gloves will be washed for each session. The teaching is done out in the open and from the back of my truck, so there is no need to get close. With small numbers sailing around the course there is plenty of room to pass each other with a good distance between. If I get family groups of people living together I propose to run a session just for them.

Hopefully, in a few weeks everything will be much better and the airfield will open again. In the mean time please call me if you would like to discuss a session.