Family fun sailing, a great way to have fun in a bubble!

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One of the best things about coming to try out Blokart sailing is that the whole family can do it. At a recent session this was well illustrated as the photo shows. The youngster is just 7 years old and this was his first time sailing. He started sailing around with his dad and can be seen, in the photo, sailing here in the shadow with his grandad. The age difference is 61 years and they are both having fun and enjoying time together.

Also on the session was his older brother 11 years who was very capable of sailing around by himself. Yes mum was also sailing and although a little nervous at first, soon was giving everyone a good run for their money. So we had the whole family, mum,dad,grandad and the two boys all having great fun. Even the sudden down poor of rain at the end of the session could not dampen their fun. IT JUST COOLED THOSE HOT WHEELS DOWN!

At the moment Blokart sailing sessions are only available on Fridays and Saturdays each week and they are run at Perranporth airfield. If the calender does not show availablity please call Graham on 07979960827.