Reconditioned Blokarts for sail/sale.

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Apart from being a lot of fun, easy to carry, quick and easy to put together and suitable for all age groups 8 to 88+, what else is good about Blokarts? Well they are made up of a number of bits that are very easy to replace at reasonable prices. Just call Graham on 07979960827 if you need anything. The picture shows what started life as a standard Blokart Classic, which when they were being made was designed to get people out sailing at a very reasonable price. This one started life about 8 years ago and has worked well over that period of time.

Just recently, before lock down, i got this one looking very tired. It has now been stripped back to its metal work frame, treated and completely resprayed in black. The original Blokart had galvinized fitting, but from the photograph you will see they have been replaced and upgraded with the stainless steel from the more expensive pro Blokart. It has a new seat, new bag, new glass fibre axles, new tyres and tubes, new bearings and a very fine, hardly used, 4m blue sail. Even down to the new logo’s have been sorted, so the lucky new owner will get a Blokart that is very near that of a new one. The price £1350, which is a fraction of buying a new Blokart and similar to the going price of many reasonable second hand Blokarts.

This is the ideal Blokart for anyone who wishes to get started or someone not wishing to buy new or fun recreation for a family.

There will be further of these reconditioned Blokarts coming along over the next few months. They will all be different in the end specifications, but all made of standard Blokart parts. They will be priced appropriately.

Alternatively, if you have a Blokart that is looking a bit sad, give Graham a call to see if he can work his Blokart magic on your old Blokart, so that your can either get more fun out of it or sell it on more easily.

Please keep an eye on this blog for more updates.

Cheers Graham