The first question I get asked is often ‘do you do vouchers and how much are they’. Well, the answer is yes, vouchers can be purchased to cover a range of activity types that are offered.

To get a voucher you can call me, Graham, on the phone number given on the contact us page (07979 960827) and I will be very happy to explain the details. However, below are guidelines of what you need to do to buy a voucher.

As most vouchers are gifts, I will need your full name and address and one for the recipient. I will send you both voucher and receipt unless you want me to send the voucher direct to the recipient. To make sure I get the correct details please e-mail me at

I will provide the buyer with my BACs details so that payment can be made direct to my bank account. The voucher will be sent first class on receipt of full payment.

Once the lucky person gets their voucher, it is up to them to contact me to see what dates will be suitable.

Types of vouchers available.

Please ask for other options if the following does not cover what you are looking for. All vouchers are valid for 1 year, from the date of purchase. They can be extended for a further year at a 25% fee if you have not redeemed the voucher before the expiry date, up to 6 months after the date printed on the voucher.

Option 1 A standard £75 voucher per person to join in a session with others taking part. You will need to be flexible on dates for this option. The session is for 2 hours.

Option 2 A 1-2-1 session for £100, which will be a session with Graham at a convenient date and time that suits the voucher holder. The session is for 2 hours.

Option 3 A pairs session for £150, idea for couples or a pair of friends. Again a 2 hour session. A group of 4 adults will be £280 and will be two separate vouchers. A 2 hour session.

Option 4 A family session voucher £220 for 4 people. A 2 hour session

Option 5 A group session for 5 people £350 and 6 people £420. A 2 hour session

Important details. Contact Graham on 07979 960827 or email

The session will be both weather dependent and venue dependent. I will contact the person booked for the session a couple of days before the booking is due to take place. It is very important that I have your text message contact as phone signals in Cornwall can drop out.

Please bring with you suitable clothes, as even on a hot day you may get cold if the wind is lively. You need to wear trainer type shoes and have options of things to wear. Bring a jacket, just in case the weather is a bit damp! Also bring drinking water and don’t forget the suncream !

You will be supplied with a crash helmet, safety glasses and gloves. The sessions are all based around teaching at what ever level you are at.

Thank you, in advance for coming to do a Blokart session with me.

Cheers, Graham